What is Dairy Bypass Protein?

Dairy Bypass Protein is an animal or plant-based protein source that resists degradation in the cow’s rumen in order to pass into the lower gastrointestinal tract and provide essential amino acids to the cow. By bypassing the rumen, more metabolizable protein is made available to help the cow meet her amino acid requirements for milk production and components. The more consistent a bypass protein source, the easier it is to balance the dairy ration for maximum milk production and feed efficiency. By feeding high-quality bypass protein, dairy producers can increase their metabolizable protein yield and reduce the amount of crude protein in the diet, thus reducing ammonia votalization and nitrogen excretion.

What is AminoMax Pro?

AminoMax Pro is the first breakthrough in plant-based bypass protein sources in nearly 25 years. It features a blend of canola and soybean meal designed to provide an amino acid profile specifically for dairy cows. Unlike expeller-extruded soybean meal, AminoMax Pro is manufactured via a highly-controlled, computerized process featuring 400 sensor checkpoints to reduce soybean and canola particles to a very fine, uniform size. The end-product has very little variability because every stage of the manufacturing process is highly controlled. This has two primary benefits:

  • Instead of moving into the lower GI tract as a solid, non-water-soluble AminoMax Pro particles remain suspended and protected in the rumen. This provides consistently high levels of bioavailable lysine, methionine and other essential amino acids to the cow.
  • Consistently high bypass and consistent bioavailability of amino acids allow the nutritionist to formulate rations for a variety of feeding goals, from reducing nitrogen excretion to optimizing milk components.

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What can AminoMax Pro do for my operation?

By increasing metabolizable protein yield, AminoMax Pro gives you greater flexibility to formulate rations for individual feeding goals. You can use AminoMax Pro to:

  • Reduce the amount of crude protein in the diet.
  • Reduce nitrogen excretion.
  • Feed more on-farm forage to reduce costs.
  • Feed more rapidly-digested starches to optimize milk production.
  • Feed more fermentable forage to enhance rumen health and improve milk components.
  • Feed more fermentable carbohydrates to offset short and/or poor-quality forage.
  • Feed more high-fiber feeds to conserve forage.

Where can I learn more about the science behind AminoMax Pro?

Check our Resources page for relevant studies that have shown the powerful results that AminoMax Pro can have on your operation.

You can also review the MSDS and Nutrition Model Values for specific information about the protein content and safe usage of AminoMax Pro.

Where can I purchase AminoMax Pro?

Contact your dairy nutritionist, or click here to find the dealer nearest to you.

Is AminoMax Pro right for me?

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