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Animal protein products are very concentrated sources of protein and amino acids and as a rule largely escape rumen degradation, so they are high in rumen undegraded protein (RUP). A major concern with these products, however, is variability. They can be variable due to the source of materials that are obtainable for rendering at any given time and the freshness of the products when processed. Additionally they are very sensitive to processing conditions and these can vary widely from supplier to supplier. Palatability can likewise be an issue with higher feeding rates of these products.

To ensure dairy producers have the necessary dietary protein sources AND accommodate consumer pressures, AminoMax has developed an animal protein alternative — AminoGreen®. AminoGreen® is a plant-based bypass protein source containing all the necessary nutrients for any standard feeding program with significant RUP required for milk production. AminoGreen® is a high quality and very consistent product that is palatable and derived purely from plant-based sources. Manufactured with our patented ExpandaThermTM manufacturing technology, the consistency and homogeneity of AminoGreen® is unparalleled, making it an ideal protein option for the feed mill and the farm. AminoGreen® extends the AminoMax® line of premium bypass protein products.

AminoGreen Spec Sheet 3-20-18
AminoGreen MSDS 2018 01 January