At AminoMax®, our only business is producing premium protein sources of amino acids for dairy cows.  One challenge all feed and ingredient manufacturers need to overcome is ingredient variation. AminoMax® has ownership of a proprietary technology called ExpandaThermTM. Through ExpandaThermTM we can control enzymatic activity and pressure through a flash heat process that assures all reactions are complete. By managing temperature, moisture and retention times, and other variables from batch to batch, AminoMax® Pro, AminoGreen® and custom blends deliver better mixability, nutrient consistency, homogenous particles and maximum nutrient digestibility in a dairy cow’s lower intestinal tract. Numerous studies from Cornell University show that the intestinal digestibility of AminoMax® proteins is improved due to ExpandaThermTM. ExpandaThermTM also offers unparalleled flexibility and control so that we can deliver custom feed solutions to customer specifications. 

For AminoMax®, manufacturing a premium bypass product is not a sideline business resulting from another manufacturing process. Rather, we have strategically invested in our proprietary ExpandaThermTM technology. Unlike expeller-extruded soybean meal, our ExpandaThermTM delivers a consistently superior bypass protein with reduced variability that is associated with most mechanical processes. 

ExpandaThermTM technology delivers proven benefits:

• University-tested to improve nutrient bioavailability

• Delivers consistent nutrient density and bypass protein values

• Better feed efficiency

• Reduced nitrogen excretion

• Improved milk production


This video depicts our patented ExpandaTherm process.