ExpandaTherm offers product development flexibility.

ExpandaTherm expands product opportunity

At AminoMax®, our only business is producing premium protein sources of amino acids for dairy cows.  One challenge all feed and ingredient manufacturers need to overcome is Ingredient variation. Through our ongoing relationship with Kansas State University, AminoMax® has ownership of a proprietary manufacturing technology called ExpandaThermTM. This technology controls enzymatic activity and pressure through a flash heat process that assures all reactions are complete. By managing temperature, moisture and retention times, and other variables, from batch to batch, both AminoMax Pro and AminoGreen® deliver better mixability, nutrient consistency and homogenous particles. Additionally, numerous studies from the Cornell University lab show that the intestinal digestibility of our proteins is improved due to our ExpandaThermTM technology.

For AminoMax®, manufacturing a premium bypass product is not a sideline business resulting from another manufacturing process. Rather, we have strategically invested in our proprietary ExpandaThermTM technology. Unlike expeller-extruded soybean meal, our ExpandaThermTM delivers a consistently superior bypass protein with reduced variability that is associated with most mechanical processes.

ExpandaThermTM technology delivers proven benefits:

• University-tested to improve nutrient bioavailability

• Delivers consistent nutrient density and bypass protein values

• Better feed efficiency

• Reduced nitrogen excretion

• Improved milk production


• Offers flexibility in formulation