Licensing Agreements

Offering feed technology that no one else can match or attain is one way of standing apart from the crowd of feed products. Our proprietary and patented ExpandaThermTM process delivers unparalleled formulation and flexibility and near limitless manufacturing capability.

Knowledge and understanding of how to manufacture some products can be daunting. Therefore, feed developers wanting to utilize ExpandaTherm turn to AminoMax for a licensing agreement that offers extensive training and manufacturing support. Your team will learn how to formulate, set up, control, monitor, calibrate and manufacture products that will directly add to your bottom line.

Through a licensing agreement we can help your team discover endless product development opportunities and demonstrate the exact manufacturing set up for optimal outcomes.

An AminoMax Licensing Agreement offers:
• Engineering plans
• Blueprints & designs
• Assistance with start-up operations with ongoing support
• Employee training
• Technical support
• Marketing support

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Knowledge sharing for innovation and formula control with our Licensing Agreements

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