Benefits for Feed Mills

AminoMax bypass plant proteins are blended to provide an amino acid profile tailored for dairy cows, so you can tightly control the protein portion of the mix and provide real value for producers who are looking to reduce nitrogen excretion, increase milk components and maximize overall milk yield.

You can custom-blend amino acid-rich formulations to meet the specific needs of your most demanding dairy producers and nutritionists.

AminoMax performance-blended plant proteins ensure maximum bypass and bioavailability. The product protects against rumen degradation by physically blocking enzyme binding sites on protein molecules.

Low pH in the abomasum then allows protein molecules to “unwind” and leave binding sites available to enzymes, resulting in full digestion of essential amino acids after the product has bypassed the rumen.

AminoMax products can also be used to feed fermentable forage and carbohydrates—enhancing rumen health, improving milk components and offsetting short or poor quality forage.

Feed mills can benefit from AminoMax products